How bacteria is used in producing yogurt

Using the Credo Reference and/or Britannica Online: Academic Edition databases, find 1-2 articles/encyclopedia entries on your topic that will help you complete your Project 2 article. You can access these databases from the Library’s Background Information page. 4. Now that you have a basic understanding of your topic, find 5-6 peer-reviewed research articles that will help you complete your article using the Library’s OneSearch tool. OneSearch is found on the Library’s homepage. Watch the OneSearch Tips video for assistance getting started. [Note: In OneSearch you

can limit your results to peer-reviewed journals.] 5. You should now have a total of at least 7 sources to use for your article. 6. After reading the sources, think of the main points that you will cover and develop an outline for your article. [Need help writing an outline?] 7. In a single Word document, submit your outline and list of at least 7 sources (references) in APA format and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox. [Need help with APA format?]

Part B: 500 word article for a newspaper including timeline, summary, and prediction(s) Description

For Part B of this project, using the topic, outline and resources that you developed for Part A, write a 500 word article for your newspaper following your editor’s instructions. Your article should not just quote the research articles you have consulted, but convert them into language that is understood by non-scientists without losing meaning.


Submit your project in one Word document and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox.

Please format your article according to APA style. Your article should have a cover page, abstract, and reference page. These pages do not count towards the length specified (500 words). Please number each page, including the cover page and provide a running head.

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