Diagnostic Essay

Introductory Diagnostic Essay

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What is writing?  Has the definition of writing changed through history?  Has your definition of writing changed as you’ve had to write?

How does writing apply to your future career?  In what ways will it be important (or not) and what skills do you think will be the most helpful to you?

What is your writing process?  What helps you to be the most productive and produce the best work?

What is one thing you would like to know about me, this class, or if I can answer it, writing in general?



This essay is a chance for everyone to demonstrate where they are at in their writing processes and abilities.  Since this class is geared towards writing academic papers if you would like to include an intro, thesis, and conclusion you may.  However, what I will be looking at most is the way in which you support your claims, connect ideas that may not be immediately related to one another, and tie the paper together as a whole.


Put some thought into each of the questions, answer what you believe is most important, and do your best to bring it all together.

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