Week 2 Communication

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation, in which you include the following:

  • Effective interview and questioning techniques that criminal justice personnel should use for gaining information from victims, witnesses, and professionals in a variety of criminal justice settings, as discussed in your collaborative group
  • The steps criminal justice personnel must take to prepare for an interview in emergency and non-emergency situations
  • Several different types of nonverbal communication–including body language, facial expressions, and voice–that an interviewee might display, and explain what each type of nonverbal communication might mean
  • The three most observed most observed non-verbal cues displayed by a person being interviewed, and how they are interpreted by the respective interviewer
  • A minimum of three interview preparation methods you would utilize to interview a victim, a witness, and a suspect

Format your presentation in accordance with APA guidelines (Intro slide, body of slides, and reference slide).

NOTE: Make sure you put in-text citations within the body of the presentation. Best to provide more details in the presenter notes.

Review the Presentation Example (not the same topic as your assignment) to see how to develop a presentation with presenter notes, citations, references, etc.

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