Green and Sustainable Business report

Green and Sustainable Businesses Report Instructions
Selection of Topic:
Below are some likely topics or processes used by businesses that are going green and sustainable that you can discuss in your report. You can discuss several of these or other topics or processes that you find in your research:
1. Recycling
2. Composting
3. Energy efficiency
4. Use of renewable energy sources
5. Ethical sourcing
6. Reusing products
7. Reducing packaging
8. Reducing toxic wastes or using less toxic materials

Your paper must contain an introductory paragraph, the body of your work, and a conclusion. Do not quote from your sources. You need to put information from your sources into your own words (reiterate: quotes from sources are not allowed. This is your paper and it needs to be written by you).
In terms of the body, the following format must be followed:
1. Introduce the topic of green and sustainable business practices by providing information about, especially from your peer-reviewed articles, what businesses are doing and why they are going green.
2. Describe in detail what 3 businesses are doing with regard to going green and being sustainable. Ethical sourcing can also be described. You can include why the business is using these practices (does it make them more profitable, reduce their costs, or coincide with ethical reasons?). Graphs can be included in the figures section and referenced in the body of your paper showing increased profits or reduced costs since the business went green and sustainable.
3. Draw conclusions and comment, from a biblical stewardship perspective, on the merits of the measures being used by the businesses to go green and be sustainable.

Use the following outline when writing your paper. Each point on the outline below must be a separate section within your paper (see the example outline document in order to observe how to lay out your paper). You will notice that these section headings correspond to the content points above.
I. Title Page
II. Introduction – this must include general information about green and sustainable business practices from your sources, especially your peer-reviewed journals. Your introduction will be approximately ¾ of a page long. You do not need to label this section heading; this is simply the beginning of your paper.
III. Description of the selected businesses green and sustainable practices along with why they are doing it. In this section, create a heading with the business name for each of the businesses you cover.
IV. Conclusions that would include your comments, from a biblical stewardship perspective, on the merits of the measures being used by the businesses to go green and be sustainable. Your conclusions will be approximately ¾ of a page long.
V. Figure(s)
VI. References

The the example outline document for a frame of what the paper will look like:

This paper is to be no more than 5 pages. Do not exceed this page limit. The title page, figure pages, and references section do not count toward this page total.

You must use current APA format. Your paper must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Font must be 12-point Courier New or 12-point Times New Roman. Include a title page with your name, instructor’s name, course number and title, date, and paper title. Current APA formatting rules can be found at this website.

Your report must include at least 6 literature sources, not including the course textbooks. Two of the sources must be from peer-reviewed journals; the remaining 4 sources can be from manuscripts, scholarly textbooks, and/or .edu or .gov websites or the websites of the businesses being described this report. List all of your sources in a reference page at the end of the paper.

Be sure to cite your sources in the body of your paper using current APA format. Current APA formatting rules can be found at this website.

Plagiarism is a serious academic infringement. Avoid it at all costs. To learn more about plagiarism and how to avoid it, visit this website. Note that you are fully responsible for any plagiarism detected by the instructor of this course. Cases of plagiarism will be dealt with according to current policies established by Liberty University Online. This assignment will be submitted to SafeAssign for evaluation.

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