Case Study on Boeing

Midterm Project, Part III Assignment Instructions: You will use two items to complete Part III. First, go back and review the company that you created for the Module 2 Discussion Board (ATTACHED MIDTERM PART 1). Think strategically about the company, its products and services related to cost. Then, review the case study on Boeing (ATTACHED) ( to understand a bit about how activity-based costing and activity-based management can impact managerial decisions within firms. Once you have completed these two activities, respond to the following questions, in the space provided below. You should use source materials and citations / references (in APA format) to help support your answers. Generally, 2-5 sources (or more) should be used. Remember to double your answers as well. Topic A (5 points) – Using the company you created in Module 2, if you were to conduct an ABCM pilot in the organization, which stakeholders would be most likely to support the project? Which stakeholders would find the project threatening or problematic? Why? Answer: Topic B (5 points) – Do you believe that make-buy decisions would be better, or not different with an ABCM system in place? Why do you reach this conclusion? Answer: Topic C (5 points) – Do you believe that continuous improvement efforts would be better focused by such a system, or do you think they would not be helped? Why? Answer: Topic D (5 points) – Do you have enough evidence here to decide whether you would support or oppose an ABCM initiative with your company? If so, explain. If not, what additional information or information would you need? Answer: References:

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