BIBL 450 assignment


Essay 1 Instructions

Begin by choosing 1 narrative passage and 1 apocalyptic passage from the Book of Daniel (2 passages total). Both the narrative text and the apocalyptic text must be chosen because they are considered by you as especially significant to the overall message of the Book of Daniel. Then, in a 1000–1500-word essay, in current Turabian format, complete the following:

1.      Write an interpretive exposition of each text (the narrative passage and the apocalyptic passage).

2.      State how the mixture of narrative and apocalyptic literature contributes to the overall message of Daniel.

3.      State how these 2 passages, together, contribute to the overall message of the Book of Daniel.

Step 1 must be 800–1000 words, step 2 must be 100–250 words, and step 3 100–250 words for a total of 1000–1500 words. 

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