My Future Pathways – Learning and Employment Plan

·      This is a combined written and oral task worth 30% of your Essential English SACE grade.


·      Student must review and select future study and/or future employment pathway options.


·      You need to present your future pathway options and choices in 2 formats.


·  1) Responding to Texts – 5 minute oral

·  2) Creating Texts – 800 words written


·      Ideally you should aim for 10 PowerPoint slides to structure your work.


·      Students need to closely analyse texts which outline information about the courses or avenues for employment choices and options, that you may take in your future pathway when you leave school.


·      The responding to texts section can be:

1)   Responding to job ads and / or

2)   Annotations of tertiary course outlines.


·      The creating texts section can be:

1)   PowerPoint information

2)   Cue card text


·      Students must write 800-word to outline their future pathway learning and employment plan options. You need to be very careful not to plagiarise ‘course outlines’ or ‘job descriptions’.


·      It is suggested that you personalize your writing, with unique sub-headings and first person text. 


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