Discuss the video think fast talk smart.The film can be found online

Reflection Paper 1 Think Fast, Talk Smart (Video)
* Reflection Paper
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding and ability to respond quickly and communicate effectively. In this paper, you will apply concepts covered in the assigned video, 'Think Fast, Talk Smart.' You will also include concepts covered in previous class assignments. This video will teach you techniques and provide you with tools for spontaneously speaking in difficult situations. Your paper will reflect on the information and application of techniques learned in the video. 
Outlined below are suggestions to help you write a successful paper. 
1. Background Information – What is this film about?
II. Problem (s) State the problems related to the topic.
III. Describes concepts related to the topic structure for speaking and listening
IV. Application – Tell Your Story – As described in the video
V. Conclusion – Reflect on what you learned from the video, "Think Fast, Talk Smart."

Your paper should be submitted on the assigned due date. Your paper must be typed using Roman Times, three pages long, double spaced and in 12-point font. Be sure to include in text citations and reference (s). Your cover page is separate from the paper requirements and is not part of your number requirements for this assignment. See attachment example for your cover page.

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