African American Responses To 19th Century Oppression

Read the attached excerpts from speeches by Booker T. Washington, Ida B.Wells and WEB Dubois.

Note that Washington's speech is being given to white people.

Answer the questions. Use appropriate punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Answer in your own words.

1. What does Washington say black people's attitude should be about "common labor"?labor"?

2. What does Washington mean when I talk about fingers and the hand?

3. What THREE strategies are well recommending in response to lynching? You do not get credit unless you put 3 answers !!!

4. What specific strategies are DuBois recommending? What are his goals?

5. Which in your view was the most effective strategy for  late 19th century black Southerners  to pursue? Washington's, DuBois or Wells? Why?

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