Business data analytic

Data Model Critique

Students will write a critique of the Data Model on the following page. Students should give their opinion of the data model on the next page, Basic Transaction Data by Barry Williams. Students should focus on answering the following questions:

1. What industry would you say this data model is designed for?

2. What is the most important data in this model? Why?

3. Is this model designed for growth? Why or why not?

4. What types of questions is this model designed to help answer?

5. If this data model is for a for-profit business what would you suggest should be the most important data in the model and why?

6. Could your answer to the previous question change if the business is a non-profit?

7. Do you agree with the cardinality of the relationships?

8. Do you think the key relationships are defined appropriately?

9. Does the model appear in to be in third normal form?

10. Do you foresee any recursive relationships in this model? Why or why not?

11. Does the model demonstrate sound structure? Why or why not?


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