Management/Human Resources: Proposal For Paper

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Evaluate the relative merits of a variety of human resources interventions such as organizational development, succession and workforce planning, strategic staffing, diversity training, cultural change, and rewards and recognition redesign.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of all the HR disciplines and how they contribute to overall organizational effectiveness.
  • Apply acquired human resources knowledge to resolve business and organizational issues.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between strategic HR initiatives and an organization’s global competitiveness.
  • Demonstrate how to design, develop, and implement effective HR policies and programs.


Throughout the course, you will be tasked with selecting, researching, and writing a paper on the Human Resource Management (HRM) topic of your choice. You are encouraged to select a topic you find interesting or one that is relevant to your current or future career. I find that it is generally more enjoyable and thus successful when you focus on research for a topic you personally find interesting and relevant to you. There are three assignments throughout the following weeks to help you complete the course topic paper. They are:


  • Step 1: Topic Proposal (Due this week)
  • Step 2: Topic Paper Outline (Due following weeks)
  • Step 3: Topic Paper (Due following weeks)


For this assignment, in a word document of your choice, such as Microsoft Word, you will draft a proposal for the topic you would like to further research. The paper will be on a topic of your choice, related to Human Resource Management. As a suggestion, peruse the text for a topic that is of interest to you, or that you want to more fully understand.


The proposal should be about 2-3 pages in length (NOT including title and reference pages),AND highlight the reason for the topic selected, as well as the scope and purpose of the paper. As a minimum, you should use, cite, and reference at least SIX scholarly references for the paper. You will receive feedback on your proposal to help you focus in on an appropriate topic and ensure you are not taking on a focus area that is too broad or narrow in scope before moving on to the outline stage of the assignment. Your proposal should follow all APA formatting guidelines and should also demonstrate college-level writing. Please make sure to READ the rubric (SEE ATTACHMENT) carefully and thoroughly. 

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