Alzheimer’s Disease

Your report must include a title page, body, and reference page. You do not need an abstract.


The header and page numbers should be created in the “Header” section of the document

The header should be a shortened version of your paper title, and must not exceed 50 characters, including spacing and punctuation.

The words “Running head” must and should appear only on the header for the title page, with the short title presented in all caps (see example above). Subsequent pages should only have the short title, still in all caps

For instructions on making the words “Running head” appear only on the title page, see the relevant document on the “Term Paper Help” page on bb or go to


You should use regular 12-point font on the title page: no fancy lettering, no colors

Cognitive Implications of Alzheimer’s Disease

Jane M. Doe

Cognitive Psychology – Fall, 2016


Restate the title of your paper here

The body of your paper begins here and should include (without the labels)…

An introduction section – where you provide the definition and/or a good description of the issue or condition you have researched. You may include information from peer-reviewed research articles, text books, and web sites in this section.

A research review section – where you present research findings from the articles you have read on the issue or condition. I want to see citations from only peer-reviewed articles in this section, no internet or textbook citations. This section should read like the literature review sections of the articles you have read.

Conclusion – where you summarize your findings and make your concluding remarks (express your opinion) on the issue.


Make sure to follow the instructions given on the term paper assignment and on the document: “APA rules for citation and referencing”.



  • The reference section must begin on a new page with the word “References” centered on top of the page, as shown above.
  • For every source (article, textbook, website) you cite in your paper, you must include a reference listing on this page.
  • You must not include on this page any source that you did not cite in your paper.
  • Articles are listed in alphabetical order, based on the last name of the first author
  • Your reference listing must be presented in a hanging indent format. See instructions on the document “How to format the reference page”


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