Critically discuss the mediation of politics via television

Essay Questions:
Critically discuss the mediation of politics via television, using THREE or more examples.

ill send a draft with a Bibliography so he can use it in the essay

You are an administrator of a Florida Gulf Coast beach city and are called into the city managers office. The city manager explains that because of the recent BP oil spill, commissioners were concerned that if a similar catastrophe resulted in oil washing up on their city beaches, it would devastate the tourism industry and ruin the city financially. The city manager further explains that they have no policies or procedures concerning an oil spill. Therefore, the city manager asks that you prepare a research paper that thoroughly addresses each of the following:

1) What, if any, state and/or federal regulations, codes or administrative rules govern an oil spill of this nature? If certain codes or rules apply, give a detailed analysis of how they apply.
2) Who or what federal, state or local entities would be responsible for protecting the beach if an oil spill was headed their way? Please discuss IN DETAIL each of their respective functions.
3) Who would pay for protecting the beach and who would pay for any of the cleanup?
4) Who would pay for lost revenues to the city and local businesses should they suffer because of oil on the beach?
5) What, if any, legal remedies (lawsuits) could the city take advantage of should the oil reach the beach, and what would you expect the outcome of such lawsuits be?
6) What internal city policies and procedures would you develop to address the citys response should an oil spill happen? I am looking for you to come up with specific rules and policies. Do not copy and paste from sources such as the Coast Guard or Department of Environmental Protection. I want you to come up with original policies and procedures unique for the city. Additionally, give a thorough explanation of why you selected these policies and why you think they would accomplish the goal of protecting the beach community.
7) What costs would be associated with the implementation of the above-referenced policies?
8) Any other concerns you think are appropriate.

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