The Differences Between Diversity And Multiculturalism

The subject of your research paper is to discuss the differences between diversity and multiculturalism as well as to discuss the pros and cons of diversity in the workplace.  This is not an opinion piece but a scholarly work supported with credible references and sources from your research. Topics of discussion may include recruiting, selection, pay and benefits, retention, affirmative action, and any other areas that pertain to strategic HRM in the workplace.

Your paper should be a minimum of eight (8) full pages of double spaced content in 12 point font. In addition, include an abstract, a properly formatted APA cover page, and a minimum of 5 references to support your ideas, arguments, and opinions.


The paper should adhere to APA formatting requirements (APA style cover page, in-text citations for each listed reference, and a reference page are required). It is very important that your critical analysis relates the course content to real-world applications from your work experiences or current events affecting HRM practices.

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