Presidential Candidates positions on the Environment and their proposals for care of Earth

Based on the information you have gained from our studies, from the encyclical Laudato Si, and from the recent film BEFORE THE FLOOD
1. Please grade each Presidential candidate on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most environmentally responsible and realistic position.
2. Give your assessment in a few short sentences for your grade for each candidate.
3. Without needing to disclose the choice you will make for president (you can if you wish, but you have the secrecy of your conscience for your vote), can you say if the conversations, readings, teachings presented this semester will influence your vote for President?

4. Can you say what is the most pressing concern to you that will influence your choice?
This is your template for this assignment; it also is attached. Please work with it and submit for your grade.

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