SPD604 Week Three Assignment

Required Text:
Slavin, R. (2015). Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice, (11th ed.). Pearson ISBN-10: 0133824616 ISBN-13: 9780133824612
Students Ready to Learn: Ensuring Basic Needs Are Meet
Field Work Notes and Reflection
Make an appointment to visit a public school teacher to learn more about student needs. The teacher you select can be either a general education teacher or a special education teacher.
Copy the questions below into a Word document and save it. Print out the questions and bring them with you to the interview. Interview the teacher using the questions. Carefully write down the teachers responses as he or she talks with you.
Re-type the teachers responses onto the Word Document, using a different color and submit with your summary and reflection.
The last question asks you to reflect on the teachers answers and your learning from this interview. This reflection is in addition to the summary.
The Fieldwork Assignment must be completed in a comprehensive public school. It cannot be completed with a teacher from a non-public school, a private school or a school for one type of student. This is a CTC requirement.
There is great value to completing this assignment in the teachers classroom. It is not acceptable to e-mail the questions and submit the assignment based on their e-mailed responses. As a credential candidate, you will find that you learn SO much from being in different classrooms.
Teacher Interview
School ___________________________________________________________________________
Teachers Name _______________________________________ Date ________

General Education Special Education Designation / Grade Level(s) ________

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