For this assignment, you will interview a coach of any youth sport – this could be a coach you have worked with previously, a coach you currently play for, or a coach you have never played for.

Prior to the interview, you will generate a set of questions (in addition to several questions I will provide you) that will guide you in interviewing the coach of your choice. The interview will include items about the role of coach influence on youth development, coaching practices that align with the literature on positive youth development, and challenges of working with youth in sports.

In addition to the interview, you will write a 2-3 page paper in which you describe the coach, his/her background, and the general topics discussed in your interview. You should also spend time reflecting on ways in which topics mentioned in the interview relate back to concepts being discussed in the course (via discussion board posts, readings, synchronous meetings, etc.). While this is not a “research paper,” you are expected to cite any sources used in your reflection (textbook, additional readings, etc). I expect you will have 2-3 references for this paper.



reflect on topics of interview to the following reading  we read in class 

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