CIS 3342 Project 1 – Sandwich Builder Form

The goal of this assignment is to give you some experience creating a web application that includes a simple HTML page with a form that is processed by an ASPX server-side page.



1.       Create a simple HTML page (sandwich_builder.html) and design the user interface, which will contain the HTML input form.

a.       Add simple HTML form controls (HFCs) for the user to enter their name and phone number.

b.      Add an HTML form control drop-down box (select/option list) or radio button group to allow the customer to select the size of the sandwich.

c.       Add HTML form controls that allows the customer to make selections and customize their sandwich.

                                                               i.      Toaster or not toasted

                                                             ii.      Spreads or sauces

                                                            iii.      Checkboxes for lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, etc… The checkboxes will allow the customer to choose as many as they like.

                                                           iv.      Checkboxes premium additions like bacon, extra cheese, extra meat, etc… The checkboxes will allow the customer to choose as many as they like.

                                                             v.      Meal option that includes a drink and some side of their choice (chips, fruit, cookie).

                                                           vi.      Option to tip the sandwich build artist. The tip will get added to the total cost of the order during server-side processing. Use a textbox to allow the customer to enter a numerical value for the tip. A blank textbox would signify the customer is not including a tip.

                                                          vii.      Provide at least 5 choices for each of the above categories.

                                                        viii.      You must use a mixture of drop-down boxes, radio button groups, and checkboxes to allow the user to build their customized sandwich. This means you cannot use a drop-down box for everything.


2.       Server-side processing

a.       The ASPX page only needs to contain a simple ASPX label or labels (WFC) to display the necessary output to the customer.

b.      Retrieve the values for all form controls using the Request object.

c.       Display the user’s order with all their selections.

d.      Calculate and display the cost for the order including tax and tip.

                                                               i.      You should assign prices for each option.

                                                             ii.      Display the breakdown for the order (cost of each item / choice, tax amount, tip amount, and grand total.)






3.       Good Design:

a.       Make your presentation clear to the user, providing on-screen instructions wherever needed both for data entry and output.

b.      You need to use a proper naming convention for all controls and in your code. I expect you to properly name your classes, variables, methods, etc…

c.       You must use component-based software design. This means writing as much code in classes and functions of classes instead of in the GUI.


4.       Hint: you will need the HTML Form tag to be setup properly for this to work. The method and action attributes are the most important. The method attribute indicates the type of HTTP Request and how the form’s data will be sent. The POST method sends the form’s data in the body of the HTTP Request and the GET method sends the form’s data in the URL of the HTTP Request. The action attribute indicates the page that will process the form.

<FORM  id=”frmSandwichBuilder”  method=”post”  action=”SomePage.aspx” > 



You need to publish your web application project to the cis-iis2 web server, upload your code to Blackboard, and provide the URL to your web application’s start page (Home Page / Table of Contents Page). Make sure a current version of your solution is located in your G:\cis3342 folder. Projects that are not submitted properly will not be graded.

The grade for the required elements is based on the published version of your web application. This means the elements must work from the published web application, not just the solution submitted through Blackboard. It’s important to make sure your published web application is the current version and that everything works. You shouldn’t publish to the Project folder after the project has been submitted. Otherwise, it will be considered late or may not be accepted if it’s after the deadline. If you make changes to your project, you will need to republish and resubmit the project. Generally, you shouldn’t publish or make changes until after you receive a grade.

You need to zip the root folder for your solution into a single zip file and submit the assignment in Blackboard. To submit the assignment, you need to click the Assignment’s Title “Project 1” to view the submission form and upload the file.

Make sure you properly submit your assignment and that it works. Programs that don’t run or don’t contain all the necessary files will not be graded and marked late.

Please be sure to save your work periodically as you proceed and also back it up.  You may want to store it on your flash drive.  If you are going to zip an application in order to store it, BE SURE TO FIRST CLOSE Visual Studio. If you do store information on your flash drive be sure to copy it to a hard drive on your computer before working with the project.

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