Social Media Work

First Assignment: Social media Diary Entry

1. Listen to a podcast about business

2. In a one-page (single space, 1 inch margin, 12 point font) dairy entry, answer the following

What podcast did you listen to? How long was the episode? When was it broadcast? Who were the host(s)? What was the episode about (focus on the business summary)?

What did the podcast discuss that you already know about business? What was new to you in the podcast?

What do you think was the "goal" of the podcast episode? Who is the target market for this podcast? Do you think the podcast writers/producers did a good job on the podcast? Why or why not?

2nd assignment: 

Your assignment will be to find UPDATED (preferably 2017) demographic information about users of at least TWO social media channels (number of users, gender breakdown, other descriptive information) (similar to the figures in the textbook pgs 49-51). 

You can find an infographic, picture, URL with demographic information, etc. Since you may be finding pictures or infographics, you do not have to stick to one page. Find best time of day for users of this channel to post to get the most visibility (also similar to the figures on page 49-51). Make sure to give proper CITATIONS for your findings. 

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