Human Resource Management: How to Kill creativity

please read the case named :     

Creativity under the Gun at Litmus Corporation  and the reading named: How to Kill creativity. 

and answer the following questions based on case itself and the related reading.

the deadline will be 09/22  12pm EST. You need to answer all questions very detailed. at least 2 pages




Case Note 5: Creativity under the Gun at Litmus Corporation

1. Apply the three-component model (Amabile) to the case. How does this help explain the problems that the team is encountering?

2. Discuss the type of motivation needed by Stanley’s team. How can this type of motivation be created?

3. What is the role of time pressure in the case? How can creativity be catalyzed under pressure?  Discuss the role of goal setting in the case. How could Stanley have been more effective with this aspect of project management?

4. What do Grady’s logs reveal? How can Stanley use the information in the logs to more effectively support creativity in his team?

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