The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to creatively combine (synthesize) your personal values and personal moral philosophy in a very different way than the usual cognitive (cerebral) approach.  Write a story in which you demonstrate one of your top ten values or live according to your moral philosophy. Make sure the story is vivid and memorable. Think of a clever title for the story that captures your reader's attention and helps your reader to remember it. The story should be no shorter than one page and no longer than two pages double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font.  Here is an instruction you may not often receive: Relax, have fun, enjoy writing your story, turn your authentic self free and write from the heart. Wait a day or two and then reread your story. You will be surprised by two things. First, you are more creative than you thought you were. Second, you will develop at least one important insight about your own values. 

My priority list is the following:

1) Approachability

2) Confidence

3) Family

4) Honesty

5) Empathy

6) Diversity

7) Flexibility

8) Spirituality

9) Friendliness

10) Making a difference

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