Risks To Data Security

Need Introduction and methodology- 5 page


Topic: Risks to Data Security


 The purpose of the research paper is to identify the risks and threats to Data Security. The paper will involve research and analysis on why data security is important, what are the risks to data security and how to mitigate them. 


Please answer these questions while writing the paper



Please answer these questions in the introduction.

1. Introduction of the topic

2. What are you researching and / or what are you doing?

3. The problem statement. A discussion about why the research needs to be accomplished clearly describing the technological problem or technical issue that you plan to solve, improve, or change including a discussion about why solving, improving, or changing the situation is important. Be sure to use appropriate, supporting literature.

4. Solution to the problem

5. Research questions


Please answer these questions in the methodology section.

1. Selected methodology and its application to the project

2. A discussion about the origin, evolution, and current status of published research literature and how this methodology is appropriate for technological research

3. Its usefulness in academic or organizational context, etc.

4. A discussion of the anticipated field research method or methods that you may use during your research

5. A discussion, at the end of the section, describing why your selected methodology is more appropriate than, at least, one other methodology for researching your topic

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