Nursing Paper

Write a 4-5 page paper exclusive of references which describe the unique cultural perspective toward health and well being, and the health needs of specific populations. Choose three populations from this list: Asian Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Arabs, Hispanics (may select a specific group if desired), African Americans, persons who identify with the Jewish faith, persons who identify with the Muslim faith, and Jehovah’s witnesses.  


 Review the literature for articles about this population. For each population selected include the following: 1) Provide an overview of main health and health promotion and disease prevention beliefs of this population. Give examples. Consider socio-cultural impacts of health (for example reasons to migrate, social strife endured that impact well being) 2) Identify areas of concern derived from your assessment of health needs based upon significant at-risk concerns for each population. 3) Describe how these populations’ health needs may be best met in a culturally congruent way? Include at least 5 peer reviewed references

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