The Kidder Overview of Understanding Ethics: Part 1

For the essay, you will need to:
1.    Watch this video: The Kidder Overview of Understanding Ethics: Part 1,

2.    Watch this video: Rush Kidder: 4 Paradigms of Dilemmas.

3.    Read this summary of Rush Kidder's book, How Good People Make Tough Choices (PDF file)

4.    Read these articles for some background information:

5.    Read this New York Times article, New Drugs Stir Debate on Rules of Clinical Trials

6.    Write an essay that discusses the ethical issues involved in the New York Times article above about the two cousins.  Make sure to focus on the ethical dilemmas in terms of Kidder's paradigms (where relevant).

7.    Submit your Word doc containing your essay.  (Please remember that your essay needs to be 1000 – 1500 words.)

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