Your Personal Discourse Community

Part 1. Your Personal Discourse Community: In groups, discuss a membership / interest group you belong to: a book club, sports team, fraternity, sorority, stamp collecting group, gaming group, a church group, even a closed Facebook page w/a specific focus. Identify the following points:

· What are the group’s agreed upon common goals?

· How do group members communicate with each other?

· How do participating group members provide information and feedback to each other?

· What genres or forms of communication, topics, and texts do members of the group use to uphold the purpose of the group?

· What specific forms of language does the group use exclusively, including specific terms, “lexis” (jargon), and / or acronyms?

· What is the relationship between novice and expert members in your group?

Write a 1-1/2 to 2- page paper, double-spaced, and formatted in APA style, discussing your findings.

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