Business Finance – Management

You must cite and underline at least 3 key concepts from the course text.  You will know they are key concepts because they are defined by the course text, highlighted in bold, or are section headings.  Each concept must be defined/explained and directly related to the information you present in your paper.  You must use data from at least 3 databases that we have reviewed in class and/or are available in our research links on the Isidore site (and these must be properly cited as well!).  

You must cite at least 5 credible sources to support your analysis, such as generally-accepted business journals like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Economist, Time, Forbes, etc.  Don't forget!  If you use another author's words verbatim, you must put those words in quotes and cite the source (otherwise that's plagiarism and you will fail the assignment!).

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