Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it

This is a college admission essay question. Needs to be 500-525 words long preferably. I want to highlight my resilience and grit and how I am strong willed. Possible topic idea is my experience with kawasaki disease. I had kawasaki heart disease when I was born and lasted longer than usual until I was almost 8. Please stretch this and highlight the long terms extremes of this disease(heart problems) and trips to the doctor in detail. Tie in to how this made me stronger and not judge anyone I saw or the struggles they may be going through and how I use community service to help others in my community. Volunteer and Community Service I do are at
Sacred Heart Community Service, Helping elderly in society
Helping underprivileged in the community,bagging food, clothes, taking food to customers cars
Coaching youth basketball

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