What is(are) the difference(s) between technical writing and technical communication?

Go to the website for the Society for Technical Communication, and research the answers to the following questions.

Write the answers in your own words using complete sentences.

  • What is the Society for Technical Communication (STC)?
  • What is STC's mission statement? (Note. This can be quoted from the STC site.)
  • To be considered technical communications, communications must exhibit one or more of three characteristics. What are they?
  • Name three technical communications careers.
  • What is the name of the STC peer-reviewed journal?
  • What is a special interest group (SIG)?
  • Name one SIG of the STC.
  • What is your city and state? What professional chapter of the STC is closest to where you live?
  • What is(are) the difference(s) between technical writing and technical communication?  Yes, I know this repeats a question from the How-To assignment; by using different words to respond to the question, which you must do to satisfactorily respond to each assignment, you automatically delve deeper into this important topic.
  • Based on your reading of Ch. 3 and 20 of your text, what are the characteristics of writing at work? What must you keep in mind when writing at work, and how does it differ from writing for school or in your personal life?

Use APA formatting for your assignment.

Submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document (.doc or .docx) to the Assignment Files tab. Word is the only acceptable file format for this assignment.

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