Bivariate Ananlysis

Please give examples of variables that can be analyzed and hypotheses that can be tested using T-tests, Chi-Square, and correlation analysis.   

Be sure to define the variables, their levels of measurement, and the appropriate statistical test.   


T-test: difference between mean cholesterol levels of obese and non-obese individuals. Cholesterol level is a continuous variable, and obesity is a dichotomous variable (obesity yes/no).   

Chi Square: Is there a relationship between oral contraceptive use and infertility? Both variables are dichotomous: oral contraceptive use yes/no, infertility yes/no.   

Correlation: Is fiber intake inversely related to fat intake? Both fat intake and fiber intake are continuous and are expressed in grams.

Please pull references from required reading below:

Required Reading

Alvarez, C., Greene, J., Hibbard, J., & Overton, V. (2016). The role of primary care providers in patient activation and engagement in self-management: a cross-sectional analysis. BMC Health Services Research, 16, 85.

Available via the Internet:

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