Take A Journey 2

Athens destroyed by the Persians,  Athens falls to Sparta, Philip of Macedon reigns, pick one and write…This exploration is to be "free flowing" –that is, you begin your journey at destination Google. Do a search on your topic. Pick a site or two that looks good…then begin just clicking on links, or modifying your search. Just see where you are taken. See what interesting things that come up. You don't have to stay focused on your topic of choice. That's your springboard, so to speak.


  • You have to keep a "travel diary"–that is for each stop on the way (a URL), you need to list that "stop", provide an active link to the URL, and tell in a sentence or two what you discovered there. You do this for each link from here on out to the end of your journey.
  • Be sure to make a minimum of 10 stops (URLS).
  • When you get to the end of your journey, wherever that may be, take a moment to reflect back and summarize what you've learned.
  • FOR EACH STOP, you must use your OWN WORDS to tell what you are seeing and learning. Include your feelings, reactions,thoughts, emotions etc. WRITE IN FIRST PERSON point of view.

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