Essay About Modern Art

Select a work of art that from the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art. Acquaint yourself with the galleries that contain art from the 19th century. This could involve painting, sculpture, photography or drawing, relating to the periods of Romanticism, Realism or Impressionism. Write a 4-page paper, blus a bibliography(with 4 reference sources).


Discuss this work first from a formal perspective. This involves careful visual analysis of the object and its physical qualities. STANDING IN THE FRONT OF THE CHOSEN ARTWORK, analyze the artist's techniques and the process of making the object, as well as compositional strategies, surface qualities, style, and any other physical properties you can observe. Make notes on the spot.


In addition, you should consider the subject matter and the content of the work you are writing about. What narratives are at work? What moment is being portrayed? What other kinds of information circulate in the art? Is the work breaking new ground, either formally or discursively? Somewhere is the text of your paper you should also say why you were attracted to the artwork you chose for research.


Next, you should do some research to learn further about the artwork and the artist. BE A DETECTIVE. When was this work produced in their career — early?mid?late? How does this work relate to their overall body of work? Did the artist work inside the academy, or in opposition to tit? Does this work quote or make reference to another artwork? All of your research should be footnoted.

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