Course: Healthcare Strategies Strategic Planning Steps: (Unit 1)

Course: Healthcare Strategies Strategic Planning Steps: (Unit 1)

Assignment Objectives:

Describe the basic steps involved in creating, revising, and evaluating strategic planning in healthcare.

Title: Healthcare Strategic Planning by Zuckerman

Publisher: Health and Administration Press

Edition: 3

Discussion Board Assignment:

One of the most skipped steps in the strategic planning process is the evaluation phase. Assume that you work for a hospital that has just implemented its 5-year strategic plan and the plan has been in effect for 1 year.


  • From your viewpoint, what is      the most appropriate way to evaluate this plan, and what time frame would      you use for evaluation? Why?
  • Is the valuation and control process      appropriate for a healthcare organization that emphasizes creativity? Are      control and creativity compatible? What is an example of a creative      venture for the typical acute care hospital?

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