Film: Stand By Me

As you are watching the movie…..

Identify key characters of different age groups and how adolescents interact with them.

Notice themes and tasks that adolescents are challenged by and must navigate. 

Consider how realistically and/or stereotypically adolescents are portrayed.

Attend to how gender and sexual orientation are presented and dealt with by adolescents.

Note consequences that occur because of adolescent behaviors and choices.

Overall, is adolescence portrayed positively or negatively? Are the adolescents depicted in a positive or negative manner?

It’s time to write…

1. Begin with a well developed introductory paragraph.

2. Utilize the observations you made (see “As you are watching…” above) and specifically pull from any of the text book material [cite author/page when you do so…no Works Cited page needed] and author three sections that make up the body of your paper.

You might consider including the following:

o Compare and contrast the current state of adolescents in the USA today with the depiction of adolescents in the movie you chose. Are there differences? Similarities? 

o What is the impact of culture on adolescent behavior? How did the era your movie was set in effect the adolescent characters?

o Were transitions from childhood or to young adulthood noted or identifiable as significant? 

3. Consider one of the adolescent characters and identify the issue/behavior that most impacted you. Describe the concern and offer your reactions by acknowledging your personal thoughts and feelings. Why did this affect you? What would you have preferred to see or have happen in the movie? How would you have presented this impactful issue/behavior differently? 

4.  End with a concluding paragraph.

5. Create a Resources Sheet (10 entries minimum) that clearly reflects credible and accessible resources for adolescents. These Resources should reflect the “needs” that the adolescents in the movie you chose were affected by, dealing with and attending to. List the resource and provide a short (few sentences, in your own words) but thorough explanation of 1. what it is, 2. why you feel it is credible, and 3. why a teen would use it.

Points will be deducted if the following directions are not followed: 

· 4-6 pages, double space with 12 point font

· spelling, grammar and format count so utilize a proofreader!!

· Caution: do not re-tell the movie or discuss the movie/characters  

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