Class: MGMT 4311


 MGMT 4311

Midterm Exam

Instructions: The exam is comprised of six (6) essay type questions. Each question must be answered using no less than 150 words. 

1. Discuss the factors that go into creating a hostile work environment. Why is this a bad thing? Give an example of a hostile work environment.

2. Compare and contrast the stakeholder and shareholder models of corporate governance.

3. We all learn values from sources such as family, religion, and school. Why might these sources of individual values not prove very helpful when making complex business decisions?

4. Society often expects a lot from business. Do you think that it is possible to balance profit and other business objectives with the goals and desires of society? Why or why not?

5. The ethical decision-making framework includes the concepts of ethical issue intensity, individual factors, organizational factors, and opportunity. Discuss how these concepts influence the ethical decision-making process.

6. Discuss the distinctions between the rule and act categories of utilitarianism and deontology. Why do you think some people evaluate the morality of an action on the basis of the action itself, whereas others evaluate it in terms of its conformity to particular moral principles or rules of conduct?

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