New Operation: Can Wal-Mart eCommerce compete with Amazon

Section 1 
a) Ultimate Question
b) Final Recommendations. (This can’t be completed until all analysis has been
completed. You will put your final summary so to speak here. This is the conclusion to your paper.) (Think: I have answered the ultimate question)
Section 2
a) Intended Strategy
b) Type of case, e.g. management, marketing, finance, etc. and WHY
c) Who are you relative to solving the case
d) Timeframe for achieving an outcome, and WHY
e) ALL possible Realized Strategies. (Remember cause and effect. If I do ‘x’ then all these options are possible outcomes.)
Section 3 
a) List the affected stakeholders, how and why for each
b) Discussion of the company’s corporate culture
c) Discussion of the company’s leadership
Section 4
a) List of the different TOOLS utilized in your analysis and WHY each was chosen. (E.g. SWOT, 5-forces, NPV, ratio etc.)
Please remember that some type of financial analysis is absolutely necessary in ALL cases.
b) List of all possible barriers to completing an adequate analysis
Section 5 
This is the actual analysis section where you LITERALLY complete the work. If you say you will do a SWOT then the actual SWOT appears here. All financial analysis work will appear here. This should be a rather lengthy section of your case. There
doesn’t need to be any narrative in this section, just your actual analysis, nicely presented of course.
Section 6 
a) Findings and interpretation of your analysis
b) Wrap-up with plans for implementation, timetables (if applicable), plans for further actions. (Remember: your final recommendations that come from this discussion will appear in Section 1)
Section 7 
a) References
b) Appendices (if necessary, not required). Please keep these succinct!

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