Principle Of Health And Comm Care

CXA 110 Principles of Health and Community Care and Support

Some questions to guide your deliberations for

Assessment Task 4 – Reflection


Remember to think carefully about the unit content and to reflect deeply on each of the three dimensions:

  1. Understanding of community care principles/fundamentals
  2. Adoption of self-care and professional development techniques
  3. Your personal development as a health care worker

As a guide each section will be around 300 – 350 words (1000 words total)

Understanding Community Care & Support (30 %)

  1. How has your understanding of community care and support changed from the beginning of semester? What has happened? Why has this happened?
  2. Has your attitude to community care developed or changed? If so how has this happened?
  3. Which values and principles do you believe the Australian Health and Community Care system should be based on? Why? Is this current practice in your opinion?
  4. Should the Australian Heath Care system be changed to better reflect the core principles which you think are important? And if so how?
  5. How can health care delivery be changed or improved to overcome issues of marginalisation and stigma in the Australian Health Care system?



Self-Care and Professional Development (30 %)

  1. Discuss an aspect of self-care which you feel you have developed professionally in during the semester?
  2. How does knowledge and skills in self-care inform your practice as a health professional?
  3. Which  self-care practices would you like to develop further ? Why? And how can you go about doing this?
  4. How has your  attitude to professional development  evolved from the start of the semester?
  5. How does  research and information  inform your understanding of self-care? Give examples?

Personal Development (30%)

  1. How have you developed a person throughout the semester?
  2. How do you as a health professionals make  sound decisions  about the health care of your patients / clients? Can you provide an example?
  3. How can  applying health information  from a range of sources guide personal and community health outcomes?
  4. Are the health care professional how the  driving forces of technology and the aging population  effect their health care practice?
  5. How will you as a health professionals act to make  ethically sound decisions ?
  6. How will  your growing understanding of health and health care  help you practice with individuals from diverse communities?
  7. What professional values do you believe are fundamental to  you as a health professional?
  8. What  key values  would you like to see  embedded  in your own practice as a community health care professional? Why are these values important

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