Cognitive Theory Table

Complete the following table by identifying three major cognitive theorists and theories. Name each theorist and the theorist’s associated theory. Then provide a description of the theory, including associated approaches and techniques. Include a peer-reviewed reference that supports the theory.

Major cognitive theorist

(Theorist name)

Theory associated with the theorist (Theory title)

Description of the theory, including associated approaches and techniques.

Peer-reviewed reference

(APA style)

Jean Piguet

Defined his work as genetic epistemology that is origins of thinking.

His work was to develop questions in English intelligent tests into French versions.

McLeod, S. (2009). Jean Piguet. Retrieved July 31, 2016, from

Noam Chomsky

She is associated with the educational theory.

He focused on grammar a system that serves as a basis for language attainment. She defines language as a basic instinct that we learn by acting and doing.

Dovey, D. (2015, December 7). Under The Hood: Noam Chomsky’s Theory Of Universal Grammar Is Right; It's Hardwired Into Our Brains. Mediacal Daily, 1-4.

Dr. Christopher L. Heffner 

Defined the biological theory.

He focused on the thoughts of an individual as a determinant of one’s behaviorsa and emotions and hence personality.

Heffner, C. (2016). Chapter 11: Cognitive Theory. Retrieved July 31, 2016, from

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