Individual Assignment: Final Strategic Plan

Individual Assignment: Final Strategic Plan

Purpose of Assignment

The Strategic Plan is composed of four parts that the student worked on during this course. This provides students the opportunity to research and create strategies for a company based on real scenarios and bring together all the concepts they learned throughout the course and MBA program. The objective is to create and sell the strategic plan to investors or the Board of Directors.

Resources Required

Strategic Plan, Parts 1-4

Grading Guide



Partially Met

Not Met


The final project includes all the elements of the previous parts of the strategic plan assignments.


The final project includes the following elements:

· Table of Contents

· Executive Summary (350- to 700-words)

· Company Background

· Mission Statement

· Vision Statement

· Value Statement

· Environmental Scan

· Internal and External Environmental Analysis

· Strategic Recommendation

· Implementation Plan

· Organizational Change Management Strategies

· Risk Management Plan

· Conclusion

· References


The presentation includes all elements of Parts 1-4 of the strategic plan.

The presentation is 25-35 slides with speakers’ notes and includes appropriate images and graphics.

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