Module 02 Business Plan Project – Industry Analysis

Now that you that have developed and outlined the background of your business in the second phase of the project, you are tasked with conducting an industry analysis.

Industries are broad categories such as financial, technology, services, or health care. Sectors are more specific categories within an industry such as a sporting goods store in the services industry or computer peripherals in the technology industry. In 1-2 pages, discuss economic trends as well as the current outlook for your industry and sector, including growth potential. What is happening currently in the industry that you've chosen? Are there any relevant statistics? What are some of the current trends in this particular industry? Are these trends positive/negative and why? Discuss the current outlook for the industry. What is the growth potential within this industry (hopefully there is growth potential because you are trying to start a business in this industry).Include at least 3 resources documented in APA format. Remember to back your ideas up with rationale and use clear, concise, complete sentences, transitions between paragraphs, standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation as expected in a professional business plan.

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