Week 02 Written Assignment – Gestalt

The visual principle of  gestalt, pioneered by German Max Wertheimer, is one of great importance in  the design world. The statement, "The whole is different than the sum of its  parts," summarizes much of the gestalt theory. In this assignment we'll  explore this statement in detail.

Look closely at the image  and identify several of the individual elements within the image. Imagine the  removal of one of these elements. How would the meaning of the image change? Remove  a second. With two elements missing, how does the meaning change again?

In a brief 2-3 page analysis,  identify the image you chose. Describe the meaning of the image as a whole. Then describe the meaning of the image as the first  element is removed and again after the second is removed. What does  this exercise show you in terms of how imagery can be used in media? 

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