Report: Trends And Challenges Of IHRM For MNCs

Assume that you work in a multinational corporation (MNC). As the Head of HR you have been given the task to prepare a Business Report to critically review and evaluate the current trends and challenges affecting HRM internationally. You have to critically analyse how these challenges impact on the future HRM practices for your MNC.

In answering this question you will need to:
• Identify three key trends and challenges for international HRM (e.g. technology, education, mobility etc.).
• Analyse how these three trends and challenges impact upon, and affect the HRM practices for an MNC.
Support your discussion with at least 12 academic references.
This assessment fosters the development of communications, presentation, academic literacy, information literacy and critical thinking skills. Students will apply their learning in this subject to study a current issue in International HRM in depth, drawing on academic literature, critical reflection, and professional practice. When preparing this Report, we hope that you will be able to:
critically analyse international business activity in the context of current and emerging international HRM theory;
explain the complexity of cross-cultural differences with respect to the integration of international business activity and international human resource management practice;
reflect, contrast and critically evaluate the differences and similarities in human resource management practices among different cultures;
examine and justify criteria for selecting, preparing, managing and repatriating international managers;
compare and contrast approaches to international human resource management practice; and
critically discuss emerging issues in international business and their human resource management implications.



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