Create a 5–6 pages in addition to the cover page Human Resources Policy Manual

  • Assume that you are a member of an HR consulting team providing human resource management (HRM) consultation for a new small business that will have 15–25 employees (full-time and part-time). The business will open soon, and you are now developing a policy manual/employee handbook.


    Select a minimum of 4 issues that you will want to include in the policy manual. These issues must correspond with the general topics addressed in the textbook and supported in the research paper. For each issue, write a relevant policy that you believe would be needed in your business. This is not to be an all-inclusive policy manual; you are only providing a few of the elements of a policy manual for the purpose of this course.


    Write your policy for each issue and format it the way you would like to include it in your policy manual. Write a policy that is truly meaningful and useful to you and that reflects your personal philosophy. You are a strategic partner to the business owner and this must be an area that you want to make sure to cover. However, do not write it as a contract between 2 individuals. A policy manual is provided to employees from the standpoint of the organization.


    In addition, include a cover page that is formatted as if the document were an authentic employee manual (ie, do not format the cover page according to current APA standards).


    Your submission for the manual policy must be 5-6 pages in addition to the cover page. Points will be deducted for each page over the 6-page limit.

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