Reflecting Writing Of Organization Wellness

This is a reflecting essay, you need according to the contents of following document to complete it. Due to the 

You are required to keep a reflective journal of your thoughts and experiences relative to the subject material presented in there three files. Your journal may reflect your response to a required reading,  or a discussion of the application of the concepts from your workplace. 


This is not an argumentative essay. Although the content is based on a reflective journal, students are expected to meet all standards of essay writing. You should reference at least eight academic journal articles, and all references must be sourced/cited correctly. You may refer to readings from other units if they are relevant. 

          In this journal you can address, but are not limited to, some of the following suggestions:

(1) You understanding of you own learning over the semester and the implications for organizational learning: 

(2)A critical analysis of the readings; what relationships exist between the readings? 
(3)What patterns have emerged in the development of the theories? 
(4)How do the ideas and concepts in the readings interrelate? 
(5)What has been revealed in organisations and management by the use of multiple perspectives? 

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