E- Supply Chain


Assignment Uploading Date: End of Week-9

Submission Date by students: End of WEEK- Week-12


To assess your understanding regarding the use of tools as well as digital marketing techniques

for an organization of your choice.

Action Items

1 Evaluate the effectiveness of E-Procurement and E-Auction.

2 Usability Modeling of ICT and other resources (UM) a. Finding the optimal solution

b. Cost and Schedule Analysis

c. Recommending and Implementing the resources

3 Web-enabled Supply Chains (WEB)

a. A Web-enabled Procurement System

b. A Web-enabled order tracking system

c. Warehouse Management System

d. Customer Relationship Management

4 Explain the role of cloud computing, traceability, RFID and other ERP solutions. 5 Discuss the industry response towards the use of ICT and various tools discussed

above. 6 To apply critical thinking by the students.



1. Each students will have one Project. 2. Project will be based on the implementation of the e-supply chain and logistics in real


3. Project will require summarizing, demonstrating, and the use and potential values of SCM and LOGISTICS for an organization.

4. The word count for this assignment must be between 1200 – 1500 words. 5. The Due date for the this assignment is Week-13. 6. Students should submit the combined assignment in a hard copy to their instructors.



Submission Instructions

 Post your response in the Discussion Board per your professor's instructions.

Grading Criteria

0 – 10 points

Grading Rubric:a

Criteria A (10.0)


B (6.0)


C (4.0)


D/F (0)





 Rich in content

 Full of thought, insight, and



 Substantial information

 Thought, insight, and analysis has

taken place

 Generally competent

 Information is thin and commonplace

 Rudimentary and superficial

 No analysis or insight is


Connections Clear connections

 To previous or current

 To real-life situations

 New ideas or connections

 Lack depth and/or detail

 Limited, if any connections

 Vague generalities

 No connections are made

 Off topic

Uniqueness  New ideas

 New connections

 Made with depth and detail

 New ideas or connections

 Lack depth and/or detail

 Few, if any new ideas or connections

 Rehash or summarize other


 No new ideas

 “I agree with…” statement

Timeliness  All required postings

 Early in discussion

 Throughout the discussion

 All required postings

 Some not in time for others to read

and respond

 All required postings

 Most at the last minute without

allowing for

response time

 Some, or all, required postings


Stylistics  Few grammatical or

stylistic errors

 Several grammatical or

stylistic errors

 Obvious grammatical or

stylistic errors

 Errors interfere with content

 Obvious grammatical or

stylistic errors

 Makes understanding


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