Intrinsic motivation

Question 1:

In 150 words or less, describe how you would seek to “motivate” a student who clearly has potential, is intelligent, but lacks the intrinsic motivation to achieve academically. What strategies would you employ to assist this student? How would you seek to emerge and increase their motivation?

I would use Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) incentive rewards to build intrinsic motivation to assist the  student achieve academically. The strategy seeks to reward work by gradually inspiring the student to take charge of their behaviour and improve throughout the academic year. The strategy is is essential  in decreasing problematic conduct, disciplinary concerns, and ultimately improve academic performance. The PBIS strategy also eliminates an undesirable conduct by altering the detrimental behaviour of the student in a positive direction and makes the student gain a feeling of internal worth and potential.                                   

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