Joint Commission Goals of Safety for 2016.

We are to pick two safety goals and elaborate on them. I had already written about one of them, which is safety in alarms in the critical care setting N.P.S.G 06.01.01. Secong goal im choosing is wrong site injuries U.P 01.02.01.

Attached I have rubric, my discussion on alarms, and document with all the goals of the Joint Commision for 2016 ( just look for N.P.S.G 06.01.01 and U.P 01.02.01.

The Joint Commission yearly revises what needs to be enforced and changed to enhance patient safety. For 2016, I chose goal number six under the Hospital category. This goal, NPSG.06.01.01, states we are to improve the safety of clinical alarm systems. Alarms are a key component to the security of patients. Working in a level one Trauma Center means I hear alarms all day long, “The sheer number of alarm signals in hospital settings is overwhelming and increasing. 30 Work groups identify more than 600 alarms per ICU patient bed per day.” (2015, August 4) Living in an era where technology takes over everyday life, allows for better monitoring of patients hemodynamic status. Technology is always changing especially if you're a travel nurse that has to deal with the many systems specific to each hospital.

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