Assessment Item 4 Business Report

Task: Select any business (small, medium or large) with a presence in Australia.
Examine their website and social media presence (including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any others). Analyse the impact of Social Media on their core business. For this purpose, you will need to follow these steps.
1. Select any business that you would like to investigate within Australia
2. Identify all their social media channels and what they are being used for (for example, they may be using social media for recruitment, marketing, sales, creating a presence and increasing the reach etc)
3. Analyse how each of these channels are being used by the business and report this. You may use some free web based tools for this analysis as in the link:
4. Identify additional social media channels that can be used to enhance their business and profits.
5. Provide clear recommendations with a forward planning strategy as to what the business should do, with justifications. This may include removing some channels that are not reliable, adding on more channels or a better mix.
6. References should be used in the End-note fashion. Tables, graphs, visuals may be used as embedded in the text.
Assessment criteria: The assessment criterion is mentioned in the assessment rubrics for the assessment item.

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