CASE STUDY for Specialist Module H

Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
You have been requested by the owner of a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit to attend their non-propelled self elevating unit. The unit is named ‘UDOM-VII’ The unit is afloat in the UK Sector of the North Sea. Access will be by helicopter and egress by ship.
The owner is concerned about the safety levels of the unit and requires to identify safety risks onboard. The primary methodology of doing so will be to ensure compliance with the MODU Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units’.
Also, the owner wishes to ensure that the unit is in a condition which will be satisfactory for the forthcoming annual survey. This is scheduled to take place four weeks after your visit.
As your principle, the owner requires you to:
i) Arrive onboard the unit by helicopter, remain onboard for two days and depart by supply ship via man riding basket on day three.
ii) Verify compliance with the Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units’.
iii) Identify areas of the unit which do not comply with the Code.
iv) Report on any items which may prevent the MODU annual survey being endorsed.
The unit carries sufficient life saving equipment for 32 people. When you arrive, there will be 32 people onboard (32 POB) including yourself.
a) Detail the preparations you will make in order to conduct such a survey, listing the equipment you would take and, the precautions required for working as a surveyor under these circumstances. (15%).
b) During your survey the Offshore Installation Manager (01M) advises you that the there are no problems with the unit. You later find that the engineering staff are aware that the fire detection system is not operational. Explain how you would deal with this situation and why the statement of the 01M is now a major concern. (20%).
c) During the survey you find that the freefall lifeboat mounted on the unit is damaged and unusable. The lifeboat capacity of the unit no longer satisfies the requirements of the MODU code and the unit is currently afloat at sea. Explain how you would deal with this situation. (15%).
d) Produce a detailed report based on the above situation which you would provide to your principle. Include structure, systems and equipment which you have surveyed and include five examples of situations where the survey has identified areas that do not comply with the MODU Code. (50%).
Word count target is 3000 words.

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