Stock trading program

In this assignment, you will be setting up a menu system for your project by creating code based on the associated elements from your original pseudocode/flowchart created in Module 1. The menu system will help you see where your program is going and what modules you may need to end up coding.

For this deliverable, we are going to be creating the menu(s) for the project so the user can navigate through the program. Think about how your program is going to look and go back and look at your pseudocode and/or flowchart from Module 1.

Your menu(s) process(es) should reflect what you have documented in your pseudocode or flowchart

Menu should be based on a stock-tracking program under construction for client, Stock Market Trading. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) application allows users to track their own customized account list of stock holdings. As the GUI will change over time, a program must be available that will provide database access independent of the GUI.

use attached docs for references

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