American civil war bibliography assignment

American civil war bibliography assignment.
Bibliography: In two subsections, list your Primary Sources and Secondary Works. This must include a minimum of 12 entries, including a minimum of 5 Primary Sources and 5 Secondary Works. Give full bibliographic citations following the Turabian/Chicago guidelines. Secondary Works should be no more than 25 years old. Secondary Works should be scholarly works and should not include reference works (encyclopedias, almanacs, textbooks), book reviews, or commercial web sites (.com). It is perfectly appropriate to use electronic material in your Secondary Works, especially e-books of scholarly books or databases of academic journals, but it must be scholarly and appropriately cited. Websites, web encyclopedias, blogs, wikis, etc., are unacceptable sources.
Links on how to write them:This link demonstrates how to do notes and bibliographic entries. Look especially at the first examples at the top of the page under the red font Book section. If you see the third blue font Bibliographic entries section you will see two perfect examples of how to write an entry; one has a single author and the other has two authors. to an external site.
If you look at pg 471 of our 1301 course book, Classic American Autobiographies, you will see a standard bibliography. Each entry is simply alphabetized by author.

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